AC/DC Motor Repair

We specialize in having the knowledge, tools and expertise to get your rebuild done right. So, whenever you are in need of an electric motor repair, we offer full AC and DC motor repair services under one roof to keep your operations efficient.

We have test facilities to inspect every aspect of the motor both in terms of individual components and as a complete unit. With large core loss and surge test facilities to test the core packs and windings respectively, together with dynamic and load test facilities we are able to offer complete peace of mind with respect to the quality aspects of the electric motor repair.

Our workshop team and facilities are also supported by comprehensive bearing and wire stocks, therefore avoiding delays caused by late deliveries of raw materials enabling the full 24 hour service to be fully supported.

In summary the combination of skilled, experienced staff, 24 hour availability, and excellent repair facilities mean we are truly able to offer all aspects of the service and quality you require when operating plant and machinery today.